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the computer is being really slow lately and it froze yesterday and today. i don't get it, this hasn't happened in a long time so i think it might blow up or something. yesterday kayla, craig and i went snowboarding at cypress in the wind, rain and fog. there were only 10 of us on the entire mountain so we never had to dodge people or wait in line. of course, we got absolutely drenched from the never ending pouring rain, but it was still worth it. you don't really notice the rain while you're going down the mountain, only going up. we tried the jumps on a green run over and over and did a blue run a few times but the jumps were the best part since i've never tried them before. kayla and craig could actually do it and landed some so perfectly, i wish i could get a video but it was too foggy and rainy to get any good videos. we got some pictures on the mountain but no action shots. i can't wait to go again next year.
there were 3 kids at the church today and i figured out thats the maximum number i can have if i want them all to be happy. it's easiest to take them to the gym and let them run around and play with huge bouncy balls and cups...apparently that is a whole lot of fun for 2 and 3 year olds. then we got to see janice and emma! emma talks so much now you can actually have a really good conversation with her and she repeats everything you say. we taught her lots of words but i can't remember a single one...i wonder if she does? but she knows our names and who is who and all. and we went for a walk to a playground and it was heaps of fun.
it was actually really mild out tonight and i got to go rollerblading but i had to go alone cause there was no one around! so sad. and a car almost hit me cause people don't know how to turn left into the right lane.
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